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Food Canning Establishment Registration FCE Submission Identifier SID Filling

Food Canning Establishment Registration-FCE & Submission Identifier - SID
Aside from FDA Food Facility Registration FFR, US FDA requires most companies that produce shelf-stable (canned, bottled, jarred, vacuum packed, etc.) Low-Acid Canned Food (LACF, pH above 4.6) or Acidified Foods (AF, pH below 4.6) to obtain a Food Canning Establishment (FCE) registration number before export and distribution in the US market. The US FDA also requires that all LACF/ AF manufacturers file their scheduled processes, known as Process Filing, for each product and each style, container size, type, and processing method. Each process filing will be assigned a specific Submission Identifier (SID) by the FDA that is unique to every product category and packing size. To import AF or LACF to the US, all manufacturers must have both FCE and SID for the imported products.
The FCE-SID submission involves the following four steps:
1- Creation of an FCE account for the manufacturer
2- Obtaining the low-acid/ acidified food product data 
3- Submission of low-acid/ acidified product data by FDA Agent
4- Review of the SID submissions and approval notice by the FDA
 Important notes:
The FDA only allows the AF, LACF manufacturer, or their official FDA agent to create an FCE account and submit SIDs. Remember, wholesalers, US Distributors, or other players are not allowed to create an FCE account or apply on behalf of the manufacturer.  
Creating FCE and submitting the SID fillings usually take 10-15 days. Generally, within 1-2 weeks after the fillings are completed, FDA will review the SIDs and either approve or provide their comments and ask for more product information.
Registration of acidified food AF typically takes a shorter time. Low-acid canned food LACF SID usually takes longer to submit and get approved. 
 FCE-SID Exceptions
It’s not always easy to determine if your food and beverage products need an FCE-SID submission or if the FDA excludes them. However, to stay away from costly FDA import detentions, it is essential to speak to FDA consultants who are experts in this area. If you are curious to determine if your product is LACF or AF or excluded from submission, you may contact us and ask for our FCE-SID free initial assessment expert service. Obtaining your food product's pH and water activity level will help make a  better assessment if FCE-SID is required or not.
 If you are an Acidified or Low-Acid Canned Food manufacturer. In that case, FDA Listing Inc. will help your company to ensure that your Food Canning Establishment is correctly registered with FDA and your scheduled process for each product is appropriately declared and filed. By using our FCE SID service, you get access to free expert consultations for your new products for one full year. 
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