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FDA Cosmetic Labeling and Listing

FDA Cosmetic Facility Registration and Product Listing- MoCRA

Stay FDA Compliant with FDA MoCRA requirements; register your cosmetic facility, submit accurate product listings, and adhere to FDA new cosmetic labeling regulations.

FDA Cosmetic Labeling Requirements

Meet the FDA Cosmetic Labeling requirements with FDA Listing Inc.'s expert labeling review for formatting, principal display panel, warnings, and ingredient listing, providing recommendations for changes as needed.

California Safe Cosmetics Program CSCP

For all cosmetic products sold in California, the CSCP program requires the manufacturer, packer, and/or distributor named on the product label to provide a list of all cosmetic products that contain any ingredients suspected to cause cancer or developmental or other reproductive harm. FDA Listing Inc. can help you determine if you are subject to CSCP reporting system and prepare and submit the cosmetic products fillings that are required by the state of California. Click here #13 for California Safe Cosmetics Program (CSCP) Reporting assistance.

FDA Cosmetic Color Additives Batch Certification

All cosmetic color ingredients and additives must be FDA approved for their specific intended use and cosmetic formulation. Cosmetic colors additives must be either FDA approved colors for specific uses, FDA certified colors (on a batch basis), or exempted from FDA color certification. Batch Certification is the procedure when FDA analyzes the composition of all the colors used in cosmetic formulation.

Continue Inc., referred as FDA Listing Inc., is a privately held regulatory assistance company with headquarters in New York, USA. FDA Listing Inc. has no affiliation with or endorsement by United States Food and Drug Administration. The certificates issued by FDA Listing Inc. are only for the sake of confirmation of FDA registration for your industry partners and are not recognized by United States Food and Drug Administration - FDA.

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