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USA FDA Registration

U.S. FDA food facility registration is required for all US-based or foreign establishments -in Food, Medical Device, Drug areas- whose products is going to be available for consumption in US market. FDA Listing is an independent and experienced FDA consulting service that can assist you to get your company registered with a minimum cost and within the shortest time possible. Our technical support team have 20 years of combined experience working within FDA registration environment Unlike many other FDA service providers, we try to communicate with our clients every step of the way and make sure you are aware of the processes, time frames and costs involved in having your company registered with FDA and your product cleared for marketing initiatives.

FDA Agent All of foreign food, medical device, drug companies must introduce a US Agent in order to be registered with FDA. The U.S. Agent is in charge of FDA communications and plays a different role than an importer or distribution agent. FDA Listing provides US Agent service to foreign establishments. We immediately respond to FDA communications and make sure you are well-informed about FDA updates and requirements relevant to your industry.

FDA Registration Certificate All establishments going through the FDA Registration process will receive a FDA registration number and a certificate of registration. This certificate solely confirms your company's date of registration and FDA registration number and can not be considered as FDA product approval and so on.

FDA Listing services will be in following areas:

  • Food Facility Registration
  • FDA Cosmetic Registration
  • FDA Drug registration
  • Medical Device Establishment Registration Inc., referred as FDA Listing Inc., is a privately held regulatory assistance company with headquarters in New York, USA. FDA Listing Inc. has no affiliation with or endorsement by United States Food and Drug Administration. The certificates issued by FDA Listing Inc. are only for the sake of confirmation of FDA registration for your industry partners and are not recognized by United States Food and Drug Administration - FDA.

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