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If you are a manufacturer, exporter, re-packer and active in food or medical device area and would like to register with FDA we can assist your business. Here it is how it works.

Easy 3 step Registration:

  • Ask for the forms specific to nature of business
  • Fill out the forms send them back to us.
  • We register your company and you get the FDA notifying email

No charge until you receive the FDA notifying email

  • We register your company first you pay after you have received the FDA notification
  • All-in-one charge that includes: FDA Registration +US Agent fee+ Certificate + postal service
  • You will have one week to transfer the money by any form of transfer convenient for you
  • We will send you a certificate of registration by express mail within a week after payment
  • You will have one week to transfer the money by any form of transfer convenient for you

Free consultation for new clients:

  • FDA regulations and requirements for your line of business

  • Initial labeling and ingredients review

  • Your trademark initial search in USA USPTO database

Find more info on FAQ page.

Other food services:

    US Food and Dietary Supplement Laboratory service and Certificate of Analysis

If you want to have a certificate of your product analysis we can provide you through our experienced US-based laboratory affiliates who are competently up-to-date and aware of FDA regulations and standards in your area of business. You will need to send us your samples and we can return to you with the results of your analysis. For more info please contact us.

Ingredient and Label Review

The US Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) and Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) oblige foods products to carry specific nutrition and ingredient labeling. That requires food, beverage, and dietary supplement labels to carry nutrient claims and certain health messages to comply with FDA regulations.

Our fee for a Product, Labeling, Ingredient, and Graphic Design for Food and Beverages is 889 USD. We help you to modify and revise a product label that makes you sure you are complying with U.S. FDA's extensive food labeling requirements. FDA Listing Agent label review service includes:

  • An extensive 40 page labeling review document that includes all related regulations for your products, prepared by our industry experts

  • A ready-to-print graphic file for each of your products

Note: We will be offering free registration and US agent representation to food companies that are willing to provide us with the right for for finding exclusive distribution agent. This only will be possible if you have product that is already in the market or has the potential to be marketed in future. For more information please contact us. Inc., referred as FDA Listing Inc., is a privately held regulatory assistance company with headquarters in New York, USA. FDA Listing Inc. has no affiliation with or endorsement by United States Food and Drug Administration. The certificates issued by FDA Listing Inc. are only for the sake of confirmation of FDA registration for your industry partners and are not recognized by United States Food and Drug Administration - FDA.

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